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Missing our lovely coffee? We sell our beans in 250g bags at £6.99.

The best Chocolate Brownies in town are still available! Give us a call.

Need a lift? Or want to send a chocolate gift? We have a great selection of Willie's Cacao truffles and caramels.

Have you got time to spend thinking about the garden now?

We can source lovely garden pots of all shapes and sizes...

Terracotta pots, Buddhas, Green Men... make lovely additions to your garden.

You will always find a selection of seasonal plants...

...and we can deliver your plants to you along with a bag of compost.

Trying to keep your head above water? Don't forget those birthdays coming up. Great cards from The DM Collection.

Another fabulous range of cards from Bug Art available here.

A selection of canvas shopping bags.

Ways to occupy the children during your conference calls or homeschool breaktime?

There are all sorts of treasures to be found, like this vintage lunch tin...

And there's always homemade cake!

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